The Patriot Acts is a story about a group of unscrupulous businessmen turned politicians who unite and use their political power for personal gain. They execute a plan to turn a blind eye and "allow" a terrorist attack on their nation. They then use the attack as a reason to declare war on an uninvolved country where they can secure lucrative contracts for their companies and make billions of dollars from its resources (oil).

A group of political activists are suspicious of the politicians. The activists are confronted by a young soldier who recently joined the military as a way of getting a college education. The young soldier soon finds himself shipped off to fight in the illegitimate war. During his tour, the real motives of the war become evident. The soldier and his worried mother realize the protesters were right about the politicians' deceit. The mother learns about the conspiring politicians from the leader of the activists and her support for the war effort begins to change. Before her son comes home safely, he and his buddies are surprised by an ambush. The son dies saving the lives of several members of his troop. The politicians decide to use the son's heroic act as more propaganda to promote and support their war. The mother is requested by the Politicians to attend a ceremony where her dead son is honored with a medal for his courage. She uses the event to commit the ultimate act of patriotism.

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A note about the Music: All the character parts and harmonies were sung entirely by me into my laptop mic as I composed the music. Vocals will eventually be re-recorded in the studio with actors when I have the resources. You should still be able to follow the story - just use the song list and info below and you'll get it!

Act I
Act II
Act I
1. Project For a New American Century - PNAC
Businessmen/Politicians confer on how they need a new agenda.

2. We'll Start a War
One of the politicians has an idea on how to seize power. The other politicians buy into the plan.

3. Uniform
Introducing the mother and son. Son just joined the military to get an education. The mother is proud of his patriotism.

4. We Need a Little Help
Meeting with an Arab, conspiring and enlisting help.

5. Oh My God
Average citizens becoming aware of the attack. Planes crash into buildings.

6. Not Even a Patriot
Politicians preparing to push their legislation through congress so they can gain more power - legislation written prior to the attack. Reference to George Orwell's "1984".

7. Something is Suspiciously Wrong
Lead Protester with a group of others doubting the legitimacy of the attack. Protesters thinking there's a conspiracy. He Argues with the Soldier Son.

8. Patriot Through and Through
Son and mother - the son is declaring his patriotism. He assumes he'll be deployed to Afghanistan. His mom is worried.

9. No Blood For Oil
Protesters chanting and marching down the street with their signs. Son finds out about possible war with Iraq. The son's mother freaks out.

10. The Color of Fear
State of the union address. The politicians convincing the nation that war is necessary. Citizens contemplating the "security theater" and the color code warnings.

*** End of Act I ***
Act II

1. Shock and Awe
America has declared war. The air attacks, bombing and deployment of troops to Iraq.

2. Be Home Soon
The son has been deployed to Iraq and he exchanges letters over time with his mother. He describes what is happening while his mother counts the days.

3. Where is My America?
Protesters are questioning what’s going on in the country they love. Politicians join midway to say pay your taxes - trust us.

4. Look at the Evidence
Mom approaches the protester to question him about his points of view and they have a discussion. Protester tries to convince mother of the wrongdoings and "evidence".

5. What Are We Fighting For?
First the mother wonders what her son is fighting for, then the protesters wonder what they're marching for, and finally the son and soldiers question the occupation. The Son and his troops are ambushed and Son dies saving friends' lives.

6. Power
The politicians, pleased with their victories, continue to plot. They decide they need a "Hero" to bolster support for their war.

7. Oh God No!
A Military Officer tells the mother of her Son's death. He invites her to a ceremony where the politicians will honor her son's heroics with a medal.

8. My Son is Gone
The mother laments her son's death. She becomes angry at politicians and wants revenge.

9. Have We No Shame?
Protesters cry out against the corrupt democracy. The Lead Protester sees son's death in newspaper and realizes the son is being used for propaganda.

10. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
The mother shares with the protester her son’s death and asks him for comfort. This also references "1984" by Orwell when the man and woman unite.

11. We are the People

Citizens of all types surround the mother and protester while singing. One of the citizens brings out a handgun and the citizens begin passing it one to the other. Eventually, the gun is given to the Mother.

12. In these United States of America
This scene is the publicity stunt/ceremony planned by the Politicians. They give their propaganda speech to "honor" the son's courage and bravery.

13. My Son (Was a Real Patriot) – The Act
The mother receives her son's medal from one of the politicians, then gives a speech about her son. The citizens wail the blues. At the end, the mother pulls out the gun given to her by the people and shoots the politicians. They fall dead and the mother is restrained and removed.

14. Instrumental (What Are We Fighting For?)
Slowly, the dead politicians resurrect.

15. We are the People
The citizens begin singing while they circle and enclose the resurrected politicians.

*** End of Act II ***

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